Automatic permanent filtering is installed for TCP connections, which by default does not require additional settings. However, UDP needs careful configuration by creating individual rules for the service and port. We have developed rules for several services, and corresponding protection is automatically applied to these UDP ports.

For non-standard ports, contact support to connect the rules individually or change the port to the standard one.

Arma 3: 2300-2500

Minecraft Java: 25500-25599

Minecraft Bedrock / GTA V RageMp: 19130-19139

SAMP: 7770-7780

FiveM: 30110-31000

CS:GO / Garry's Mod: 27000-27060

TeamSpeak3: 9987

Unturned / ARK: Survival Evolved: 27000-27060

Rust: 28001-28099

GTA V RageMp: 22005-22006

WireGuard: 51820

By default, access via ports 0, 19, 53, 111, 123, 161, 520, and 1900 is closed on all subnets. Outgoing connections to ports 25 and 465 are blocked on tariffs with the 1st share (typically 1 vCore). Unblocking requires a support ticket.

If your service is not listed, contact support for custom rules.

The list of rules will be updated regularly.

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