Go to your personal account, then you need to create a new account or log in to an existing one. After that, open the «Support» tab on the left side and go to the «Requests» page.

The main page of support requests will open in front of you. Click on the «Create» button to proceed to the ticket creation process.

Here you can make and send your request.

A few rules for creating tickets

Subject of the request

In the subject of the request, you must provide a brief description of your request. For example, it can be: «Replenishment of the balance», «Problems with access to repositories», etc.

Attaching a service

In the «Service» cell, specify the specific service on your account to which the created request and the information specified in it relate. If there are several services, you can skip this point by specifying the ID or other information about them in text for identification.

Department Selection

The department you select will affect which employees will take care of your issue. It is likely that if the technical administrator in his department sees a request to replenish the balance, this will require transferring the ticket to another department and, as a result, will increase the time to resolve the request.

For all non-technical requests (such as the purchase of a service, tariff change, referral system, etc.), the «Customer Service Department» will be correct.

The technical department includes all questions about the operation of equipment, networks, consulting issues and the like. The Emergency service is exactly the same department as the technical one, but exclusively for those issues that are critical and require immediate solution.

The more information you provide, the faster your issue will be resolved!

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