By default, connection to Windows servers is carried out via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol).

Connecting to the server

Depending on the version and localization of the system, the login may be different. This is usually:

• Administrator for most operating systems in English

• Administrator for some of the systems in Russian.

• Admin for Windows 10/11 systems.

We use the Win + R keyboard shortcut.

A window appears at the top that prompts you to enter a command for further execution, we enter mstsc.

This opens a Windows mini-application to connect to servers using RDP. The Computer line indicates the IP address of the server we need to connect to.

The Administrator user name is specified by default. Next, we open the advanced settings by clicking on the Show Settings button.

In the menu that opens, we can set a check mark, thanks to which the program will request new data for authorization on the server every time.

We are trying to make the first connection. Click on the connect button. We are asked to enter the password from the service, enter and = remember»

We need to confirm the connection to the server, tick the check box so that the request will not be displayed and press «Yes».

The process of connecting to the remote server begins...

A large window opened with an empty desktop, this is our workspace.

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