Surely many people have encountered the problem that the standard installed Internet Explorer browser on Windows Server does not allow you to download the desired file, let’s fix!

All steps in the instructions are performed on Windows Server 2019.

Connect to a remote server. Open Internet Explorer, select the recommended settings and click OK.

When trying to go to the page of the site we get another warning, leave a tick and click OK.

Then the security system also shows the error, remove the checkmark from the item that will continue to send warnings and press the Close button.

If you try to download the file, you will be told that the security settings do not allow this action, click OK.

Then we need to find and select the gear in the top corner of the browser. Then click on the Internet options button.

Before us opens a special window, go to the section Security.

Remove the checkmark from the Enable Protected Mode and click on the Custom level button. In the opened window, you can view the sections below and look for them:

Set both to Enable.

The first is the ability to download any files.

The second is responsible for downloading fonts.

Next, press the OK button to apply the parameters, the warning appears:

Accept the changes by selecting the Yes button.

In the last settings window, press Apply to apply the changes fully:

Again, we get a warning, agree and close the settings window.

Now we can download any files from websites without any problems. First of all remember to install a new browser!

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