You can conveniently change your server password via the VMmanager 6 web panel.

After the service is activated, you receive an email with all the data from the server. For example:

We need to click on the link /, enter the User Name and then the Password from the control panel (the password line is underlined in the screenshot).

After logging in, we get to the panel itself, where all our Virtual servers are visible on the main page.

Next, we need to click on the required service. Here we get to the server settings page. Next, click on the Menu section with three dots next to it, in the window that opens, select Change password.

After clicking, you will be prompted to enter a new password for the VDS server. To the right of the line is the Generate button, which will automatically create a strong password.

Click Save, after which the server restarts.

Now it is not possible to log in using the old password.

The new password is successfully matched.

Changing the password also affects access to sFTP!

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