Outline VPN is a unique solution in the world of virtual private networks (VPN). Developed by Google, this tool is easy to install and manage, allowing users to create their own VPN servers. Due to its easy availability and ease of use, Outline VPN is a great choice for those looking for reliable data protection without the need for in-depth technical knowledge.

This instruction uses Ubuntu 20.04

Recommended Specifications.

CPU: 1 vCore RAM: 512 MB Storage: 1 GB

Network speed: 100Mbps+ This information is referenced and does not require much attention, as any available plan is appropriate for using Outline VPN on our virtual servers.

Manager installation

Download Outline Manager for your operating system. As an example in this tutorial we will be using the Windows version.

After installation, select the application binding method, which implies installation on any server.

Pay attention to the command that is in the first point and go to the console of your server.

Connect to the server

If necessary, you can use our detailed instructions to perform this operation.

Server installation

Update the system repositories and install cURL.

apt-get update; apt install curl -y

Next, use the command provided in the Outline Manager window. If you have a clean OS installed on your server, it is likely that there is no Docker on it, as the installer will inform you. Enter «y» to continue.

Wait for the installation to complete and copy the text selected in the screenshot.

Insert it into the Outline Manager window, item 2, then click «DONE».

You will see the VPN server configuration interface. By default, we have already created one client, which we can immediately use to connect on our device. Click on the «Share» button.


For PC

This article uses Windows, but the configuration process for MacOS and Linux is identical.

Download and install the Outline Client application for your OS. Then specify the copied code from the Outline Manager window.

The connection is established!

For IOS / Android

The connection is made in the same way through the mobile application Outline VPN, which is available in both the App Store, and the Play Market.

Insert the copied authorization code.

Check out the VPN.

Add users

Use the «Add new key» button in the control panel Outline Manager.

After that, a new key will automatically be generated, which you can rename and pass to your friend, colleague or family member.

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