TorrServer is an efficient and convenient solution for streaming multimedia content through torrenting. Being easy to set up and use, TorrServer is perfect for both experienced torrent users and newcomers who want to simplify torrent browsing as much as possible.

This instruction uses Ubuntu 20.04 The script works on all current versions of Ubuntu, Debian, AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, CentOS and Fedora.

Connect to the server

Connect to your server. If necessary, you can use our detailed instructions to perform this operation.

Installing TorrServer

Use the command to automatically start the installer.

apt-get update; rm; wget && bash

After the script is run

After the download is complete, specify the login and password that will be used to enter the control panel.

Sending is done by the «Enter» button.

Then wait for the full installation of TorrServer. This will be evidenced by the message with a link to the website.

Go to the specified address and perform authorization.

Then you will be in the TorrServer control panel, where you can change the language at the top right, and when you click the middle button you will see the torrent add menu. Let’s try adding one.

In the opened window you can specify a magnet link or download a torrent file. Next, use the button to add.

The torrent was successfully added. Now you can download the file format . m3u to view streaming movies, for example, through VLC Player.

To do this in VLC Player you need to select the tab «Media» -> «Open File»

Enjoy the classic movies!

Uninstalling TorrServer

Use the following command to delete.

The removal process is irreversible.

rm; wget && bash

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