Tracing is most often useful in diagnosing various problems related to the operation of a network.

Linux [Traceroute]

First you should install this utility if it is not on your server:

apt install mtr

For CentOS:

yum install mtr

Utility command usage structure:

mtr «arguments» «ip»

List of valid arguments:

  • -h — short reference.

  • -v — utility version output.

  • --udp — use UDP packets instead of standard ICMP.

  • --tcp — use TCP packets instead of standard ICMP.

  • -4IPv4 protocol usage.

  • -6IPv6 protocol usage.

  • — the number of packets to be sent.

  • -r — Collect the trace in the background and display the report when it is complete.

  • -w — performs the same function as -r , but in a more complete format.

  • -s — specify the size of the packets to send.

  • -f — entering the initial TTL value.

  • -e — mpls data display.

  • -n — do not use domain names for host names (only IP addresses will be used).

  • -o — displaying only specific data categories.

  • -p — output data in line format.

  • -l — display information in a non-formalized form.

  • -a — Specify the address of the interface from which packets will be sent during tracing.

Try to make a trace in the standard way:

For example, if you want to trace 7 TCP packets to the host and get information about the nodes in the format of IP addresses, you can use this command:

mtr --tcp -c 7 -n

The result will be:

Windows [WinMTR]

We are installing the WinMTR utility. It is available at the link. We run the version of the program depending on the bit of your operating system.

In the Host field, specify the destination server to which you want to build the trace. Then click the Start button.

We wait until at least 1000 packages have been sent. Usually this time is sufficient.

To export the trace result as a text document, use the Export TEXT button and save the file.

If you have collected a trace to diagnose any problem as requested by the technical support officer in the ticket, please, in addition to tracing, do not forget to attach the address from which the trace was made.

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