Log in to VMmanager and select your virtual server.

Go to the «Menu» section and select «Recovery mode».

Agree to connect the SystemRescueCD image and reboot.

After using the button, the process of loading the server in recovery mode began.

Great, the server’s ready.

Connect to the server via VNC (SSH and sFTP are unavailable).

Use the command «‎lsblk»‎ to view all existing server drives.

We need to mount the main disk partition vda2, we use the command

mount /dev/vda2 /mnt

Done! Next, let’s specify a new root directory for further work.

After execution, you can only use the last command to change the root password.

We ask for a new password and repeat it. We see a message that the user’s password has been successfully changed.

Exit recovery mode and reconnect with the new password.

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