With us you can buy a beautiful domain name for your site or project. In this tutorial we will give you more details.

From the beginning you need to register in Billing, more here.

After authorization, you can see a panel on the left of your account, click on Products/Services, expand the tab and select the Domains section.

We enter the tab for working with our Domain names.

Click on the Registration button to start the process of registering our Domain.

In the text box we need to specify the Domain name we are interested in to verify the possibility of registration, as well as choose the appropriate Domain Zone (for example, let’s take .ru). Let’s press Check.

On the next page we see the available versions of our Domain name, check and click Register.

Next, we are asked to fill out all the information about the buyer (that is, about you).

The asterisk symbol (*) indicates the required fields.

You should pay attention to the lines to fill in passport data and address. This information should be correct, otherwise you will not be able to prove legal ownership if you have problems with your domain name.

After filling in all the information press Next.

Now, to delegate the domain, we are asked to enter Ns-addresses.


ns1.spacecore.pro ns2.spacecore.pro

Press the Next button.

Check the Data Protection check box, check the details of our order and click on the In Cart button.

We were redirected to the shopping cart section, click Pay.

We choose a convenient payment method and pay the bill.

Return to the Domains tab and see that our domain name has been successfully activated!

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