is the main setting in all server cores. In this article you can find detailed information about the functions of this config.

  • spawn-protection

This setting allows you to set values to protect the spawn territory from the server. The territory starts from the coordinates x-0 z-0. According to the standard, the first 16 blocks in each direction are protected from breakage by any players.

  • max-tick-time

The maximum number of milliseconds that a single tick can take before the server's automatic timer stops the server itself.

It is recommended to change this value only for experienced users.

  • query.port

A port for getting additional information about the server through various services.

  • generator-settings

Settings for generating a flat world on the server.

  • sync-chunk-writes

Allows you to activate synchronous recording of chunks.

  • force-gamemode

If activated, all players will receive the standard game mode specified in the gamemode setting when logging on to the server.

  • allow-nether

Allows or disables the operation of the nether world (hell) on the server.

  • enforce-whitelist

When the function is enabled, the server will automatically restart the whitelist before each player's visit to search for new nicknames.

  • gamemode

Allows you to specify a standard game mode for all beginners on the server.

  • broadcast-console-to-ops

If the setting is enabled, all operators on the server will receive commands executed in the console.

  • enable-query

Activates the GameSpy4 service, which allows you to get information about the server. The port is configured for use in the query.port line.

  • player-idle-timeout

Allows you to specify the time after which inactive players will be automatically disconnected from the server. The default value is 0 (players will not be disabled for inactivity).

  • text-filtering-config

A setting that allows you to link a specific service to a server to automatically filter text in a chat and written books.

  • difficulty

Allows you to adjust the difficulty of the game on the server. It can take values:

peaceful — Peaceful game mode (no waste of hunger and hostile monsters).

easy — Easy game mode.

normal — Normal game mode.

hard — Challenging game mode.

  • broadcast-rcon-to-ops

When the function is enabled, the server will output commands executed in the RCON console to the server operators.

  • spawn-monsters

Responsible for the appearance of hostile mobs on the server.

  • op-permission-level

Allows you to change operator rights. It can take different values:

1 — Operators can break/put blocks inside the spawn area protection radius.

2 — Operators can use the commands /clear, /difficulty, /effect, /gamemode, /gamemode, /give, /tp, and also have the right to interact with command blocks.

3 — Operators can use the commands /ban, /deop, /kick, and /op.

4 — Operators can use the /stop command.

  • pvp

Adjusts the ability of players to attack each other. If the value is false, players will not be able to cause any harm to other users.

  • entity-broadcast-range-percentage

It can take values from 0 to 500. Allows you to change the rendering distance of the entity for players as a percentage. Higher values can lead to lower server performance.

  • snooper-enabled

Allows you to automatically send some server statistics to developers.

  • level-type

Defines the type of server world generation. It can take values:

В ванильной версии игры: DEFAULT — The standard one. FLAT — A flat world. LARGEBIOMES — Large biomes. AMPLIFIED — An expanded type of world.

If there are mods on the server, it can take different values, depending on the possibilities of modifications.

  • enable-status

By default, it is set to true. The server will be displayed in the online game menu as active. If the setting is turned off, the server will look turned off, but players will still be able to connect.

  • hardcore

Enables Hardcore mode on the server. After death, the player moves into Observer Mode.

  • enable-command-block

Allows you to use Command Blocks on the server.

  • network-compression-threshold

Activates automatic compression of user packages. It can take values:

-1 — disable compression. 0 — compress everything.

We recommend that you do not set the value below 64, and also do not exceed 1500.

  • max-players

Sets the maximum number of players on your server.

  • max-world-size

Allows you to set the boundary of the world in a certain radius, starting from the zero coordinate.

  • resource-pack-sha1

A special SHA-1 method for faster hashing of a resource package. It is indicated in hexadecimal form.

  • function-permission-level

Determines the level of access to the game's functions. This includes scripts of the function type.

  • rcon.port

The port for remote server management via RCON is specified.

  • server-port

This setting specifies the port in TCP and UDP protocols for accessing the game server. The default value is 25565.

  • debug

Позволяет активировать режим отладки на сервере.

  • server-ip

The IP address of the server that users will use to connect to the server. By default, nothing is specified, respectively, the address of the device on which the server is running will be used.

  • spawn-npcs

Allows NPCs to appear in villages on the server.

  • allow-flight

Allows players to use flight in Survival mode, carried out with the appropriate plug-in. For the most part, the setting is used to solve problems with players' auto-kick per flight.

  • level-name

Sets the name for the standard world folder on the server.

  • view-distance

The value affects the number of chunks that will sink around the players. This setting may affect server performance.

It can be specified from 3 to 15 chunks of drawing

  • resource-pack

The standard name for the server resource pack is specified. Upon logging in, players will be prompted to install a server set of resources.

For more information, Install the resource pack on the server.

  • spawn-animals

Responsible for the appearance of animals in the game world.

  • white-list

Enables the use of a standard Whitelist. The function allows you to add to the list only certain players who are allowed to play on the server.

  • rcon.password

In this line, you can specify the password for RCON access. Don't forget to check the activity of the enable-rcon function.

  • generate-structures

Responsible for the ability to generate structures in the world (villages, dungeons, etc.).

  • online-mode

Enables synchronization with Mojang servers. Only players with licensed Minecraft accounts will be able to be present on the server.

  • max-build-height

The maximum height on the server. The standard value is 256.

  • level-seed

The LED is specified for generating the world on the server. If nothing is specified in the value, the LED is randomly generated.

  • prevent-proxy-connections

If you enable this setting, all subsequent player connections via proxy will be prevented.

  • use-native-transport

Optimization of sending and receiving packages for Linux. It is recommended to leave it on!

  • enable-jmx-monitoring

Allows you to enable MBean (a function in Java that allows classes to provide some of their data from the outside) with the net.minecraft.server:type=Server object and the averageTickTime and tickTimes attributes, which output the time spent processing 1 tick on the server in seconds (related to TPS).

  • motd

The description of the server is specified. The setting supports formatting and unicode input.

  • rate-limit

Sets a limit on requests for UUIDs and nicknames of players.

  • enable-rcon

Responsible for the operation of the RCON function on the server. The configuration is performed in the lines rcon.password and rcon.port.

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