Mods are always more interesting, especially when they are on the server!

Before continuing, do not forget to install Java 8/11 (the numbers are clickable).

Installing Cores

Creating a directory for our server.

Using the wget command, download the archive with a clean Vanilla+Forge1.12.2 build:


The archive has been downloaded. Next, we download the latest version of the SpongeForge 1.12.2 kernel:


We have unzipped the kernel and library files. That's what we got.

java -Xms512M -Xmx2G -jar forge-1.12.2-

Now you need to confirm the agreement in the file eula.txt .

When the command was used again, the server started successfully.

Turning off the server.

Now, for the Sponge core to work, we need to send it to the mods folder.

We are trying to launch it.

Our server has been successfully launched using Sponge Forge core!

Let's try to install some mod

For example, we will use Divine RPG 1.12.2.

Remember about installing the mod on the client side.

Upload the mod to the mods folder.

Restarting the server (don't forget to delete the world directory if the mod changes its structure).

We are trying to connect.

Successfully! We also see that the mod is working.

Installing plugins

We will be installing LuckPerms. You can view most of the plugins on the official website. Download the plugin and send it to the mods folder.

Restarting the server. After the start, we can see a new directory in the config folder, which belongs to the LuckPerms plugin.

We check the plugin's operation on the server (/lp — for LuckPerms).

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