Do you want to install a standard resource pack on the server so that all players can use it? Not a bad idea for a Role-Play server :D

Basic information

First, we need to select the resource pack itself, we will use the Faithful 1.16 resource set.

Download link from the author's website -

Next, we go to the server folder and open the file.

Here we find the line resource-pack.

Now we need to provide a direct link to download our resource package. There are a sufficient number of options for obtaining a direct link to the resource pack:

1- Using a direct download link from the author's website.

2- Downloading a file via a link from your Web server.

3- Using file sharing services to get a direct link.

Copying a direct link from the "Download" button:

As a result, we got the link «» to which the download of our file will start immediately. You can use this link to install the resource pack on the server. Note that sometimes sites may use temporary direct links that are not suitable for permanent use, most often they are very long and illegible.

Own Web server

Now let's consider the option of downloading a file from a remote server. You can use both a Web hosting service and a VDS/Dedicated server.

  • In case of Web-hosting you just need to upload the file to the server via sFTP, and then use the download link such as «».

  • And for VDS or Dedicated Server you need to install a Web server that will allow you to run the site on your hardware. You can follow the instructions «Install Nginx» or «Установка Apache2». After installing the Software, follow the information from the first paragraph.

File sharing sites

As an example, we will give the well-known Google Drive service to many, we will upload our resource pack to it (adhere to the 25MB limit, then we will talk about it). Now you need to get a link to our file, don't forget to make it public.

Copy the link and go to the site. Here you can see the section with the generation of direct Google Drive links, in the first field we insert our copied link and click on the Generate button. A ready-made link is created, which we need to copy:

The limit is 25 Megabytes

Google Drive allows you to skip files weighing no more than 25 MB without checking the antivirus. If your resource pack weighs more, then when you try to download it, a confirmation sign will pop up, which in fact «prevents the direct link from working.»

Installation on the server

After receiving the direct link, follow on, we will use the Google Drive option.

Go back to the file and specify our prepared link in the resource-pack section itself:

After joining the game, a sign pops up asking us to download a resource package.

Ready! The resource pack is installed, now by default all players will receive notifications about the possibility of installing it after logging on to the server.

The resource set works only on the server itself, it is not installed in the resource packages folder. To use it in a single-player game, the user needs to download the set separately.

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