Activation of the SystemRescueCD software for diagnostics, as well as system settings of the dedicated server.

Activation SystemRescue

In the «‎Rescue» section, we see a similar interface.

In the «Operating system*‎» section, we need to select the type of operating system installed on our server.

Incorrect selection can negatively affect the functionality of the utility Rescue.

After selecting the OS you are using and clicking the «Activate rescue system» button, we see a similar menu that informs us about the successfully executed command:

The password is underlined in the screenshot. It must be saved, it is necessary to connect to the server at the time of use Rescue.

Next, go to the «‎Reset» section and perform a full reboot of the server to activate the utility.

Great! We are waiting for a couple of minutes.

We are trying to connect to the server. We see the active System Rescue interface, that's it!

Switching back to the previous OS mode

To disable Rescue, simply restart the dedicated server using the following command:


Or using the «‎Execute an automatic hardware reset» button in the «‎Reset» section of the Robot cloud control panel.

After exiting Rescue, use the old previously set password for the OS user. The password created for Rescue is temporary and is erased after you finish working with the utility.

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