After activation of the server ordered at the Contabo data center, the «Virtual Servers» section will be a toolbar for working with the service. Among the available options are server restart, system reinstallation, and change of password from root user.

Changing the password

When clicking on the corresponding button, you will see a window for specifying a new password. A strong password can be generated automatically. As follows from the description, after starting the operation, it will take some time to make changes and restart the server.

Restarting the server

The restart process is quite simple and does not require much explanation. However, please note that all unsaved data on the server may be lost.

Reinstalling the system

Using the reinstall button, you will be taken to the new system selection page.

The password is not specified and will be generated automatically. After the reinstallation is complete, the new password will be available in the opened window when you click on the «Instructions» button.

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