We hope that the process of buying a virtual (web) hosting will not cause you difficulties, and you already have an active service in your personal account.

You need to go to the virtual hosting control panel and log in with your account.

Great! Now go to the settings as shown in the screenshot above.

You get into the account settings, where you should scroll to the category «Mail notifications». Next, specify an E-mail address that would be convenient for you to receive notifications, as well as set a tick on the points of the necessary actions, when you will be notified.

Click on the «Ok» button at the bottom. After that, an email will be sent to your email address with a link to confirm and activate email notifications, confirm.

Next, you can try logging in to the control panel again.

After logging in, you will receive a similar notification. It is also worth noting that if you try to log in from another region, you will need to click on the link from the email to confirm the login.

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