You can use our Telegram bot to get useful information about your server.


When using the /start command, we see a welcome message from the bot with all available commands and other information. Let's take a closer look at everything:


The command allows you to ping any server by domain name from a large number of locations, such as:

1) Russia (Moscow)

2) Russia (Saint Petersburg)

3) Finland (Helsinki)

4) Germany (Falkenstein)

5) Netherlands (Amsterdam)

6) Luxembourg

7) France (Gravlin)

8) Ukraine (Kiev)

9) USA (Chicago)

10) USA (Miami)

Additionally, the name of the host being checked and the date of the check are displayed. Thus, you can very easily calculate the ping from one location to another, since some servers are nodes of our services.


Displays information about the specified IP address as well as the applied subnet mask. You need to specify the subnet address and mask by separating them with «/». In addition, you can specify only the IP address, then the mask /32 will be automatically used.


The command allows you to check the availability of TCP-ports from IP-addresses from different locations. It is used as a «IP port» or «IP:port».


Verifies the site by HTTP request with all locations responding.


Displays information about the specified domain name, which includes registration data and NS records.


To be used, you must specify the Domain name/IP address of the server + port. In this format: /mc ip:port. If you do not specify a port, the standard port is 25565.

The team pings the Minecraft server from all locations, as well as displays the current online.

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